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KPA finds a new home at Nation9 Sports Academy!

The Kalinowski Performance Academy (KPA) is proud to offer Athletic Performance programs at Nation9 Sports in Fallsington/Levittown, PA. KPA has been offering performance training to teams (Trenton Freedom, The Rock Elite, LMFA, and YMS), Sport Specific Groups, and Mixed Groups, since February at Nation9. This summer, KPA, introduced it's Adult Performance & Physique programs, as well. This is nothing new to head coach/director, John Kalinowski and his team of coaches (including John McKenna, nationally recognized, award winning performance coach, and Notre Dame High School Performance Director). They have been helping athletes and non-athletes maximize their potentional through performance and physique enhancement programs for the last 20 yrs.

The Sport Specific Groups are composed of athletes from a variety of local elementary- high schools (CEC, Council Rock, Pennsbury, St. Joe's Prep, Truman, and AB Wood), as well as collegiate - professional athletes from around the nation. They are preparing to address their needs and goals for next season at the middle school, high school, college, and professional levels.

The Mixed Groups consist of male and female athletes from a variety of sports and levels of training experience. Some are in the pre-season phase of training, and others are in the off-season phase of training. All are on their way to the best season of their lives!

Tha Adult Performance and Physique Groups are composed of adults from a variety of backgrounds and experience levels, as well as those with a variety of physical and medical needs. These participants range from individuals that have not done any activity in years to "weekend warriors" to ex-college athletes to fire, police, and military personnel. These programs are designed to meet your individual needs and maximize how you feel, look, and perform.

If you are interested in reserving a training time for your team/group or would like to reserve a spot in one of our Mixed or Sport Specific Groups, Contact the KPA at 609-468-0794 or at


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