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The Kalinowski Performance Academy takes pride in our accomplishments because when we succeed - YOU succeed!  ​


"Mercer County Community College Softball is 100% better because of the training programs that Coach Kal has put our athletes through.  Conditioning, movement training, and injury prevention all improved through Coach Kal's system.  This program would not have had FIVE 30 win seasons and TWO World Series trips without him."

Ryan Zegarski, College Head Softball Coach


“Coach Kals" has been a tremendous asset to the Mercer County Community College Baseball program.  His knowledge, work ethic, and the relationships that he builds with our student athletes is unmatched.  Coach Kals has worked with our players in a variety of areas such as: nutrition, explosiveness, mental toughness, speed, agility, functional flexibility, strength training and in-season rehab work.  With a demanding 76 game schedule, Coach Kals has given our program the foundation and edge for sustained success through each season and lon into the playoffs!"

Kevin Kerins, College Baseball Coach & 2014 JUCO Coach of the Year


“Aside from Strength & Conditioning and Sports Performance Training, Coach Kalinowski has taught me the value of hard work, motivation, and character.  He was my Strength & Conditioning Coach in college and his training programs designed specifically for my needs certainly helped me become a better player.  I followed his programs during my professional career as well, which became crucial for my success after college.  Coach Kalinowski is not only a coach but also a mentor and a friend.  His tremendous knowledge and passion for helping athletes has led me to pursue a degree in kinesiology and a career in strength & conditioning and sports performance.  My experience with Coach Kal has been nothing less than world class and professional."

Miroslaw "Mirek" Barbiarz, former Professional Basketball Player & current Strength & Conditioning Coach


"Working with Coach Kalinowski is everything that an athlete dreams of. Coach Kal has not only turned me into a great athlete, but also into a man. I'm on my way to play college football and I feel beyond prepared because of his training methods."

Wyett McLeod,  PSAC Football Player


“Working with Coach Kal helped me reach my fullest potential.  Training with him pushed me to reach new PRs regularly with corrections of my form and technique.  He keeps the intensity high from start to finish.  I've worked with him one-on-one, as well as in a group setting. He does a wonderful job of keeping everyone working toward their goals no matter their level of knowledge or experience.  I've had the opportunity to work with a Division I - SEC strength & conditioning staff and I still try to train with Kal at any opportunity in the off-season or pre-season.  I can't be happy enough with the results he provides with me."

Jordan Diaz, SEC Football Player


"My junior season was a major setback.  I was injured and never thought I would be able to play at an elite level again.  Then I met Strength Coach, John Kalinowski.  Coach Kalinowski got my bodyback to 100% while making me bigger, stronger, and faster.  My bench went from 335 to 405, my squat from 405 to 565, and my deadlift from 405 to 490.  He helped me crash through many plateaus and dominate on the field, which gave me an opportunity to play at the next level.  If you want to become a beast, then you have to train with a BEAST!   Coach Kal is the REAL DEAL!"

Sam Cooper, 1st team  HS All-Catholic Linemen and  Division I Scholarship Football Player 

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